Title: Velenje – a walk through a town of modernism

Author: Rok Poles
Translated by: Helena V. Byrne
Published by: Municipality of Velenje under the Atrium project
Number of pages: 69
Format: A5
Binding: stitched, hardcover
Year of publication: 2013
ISBN: 978-961-91862-8-2

Information: Municipality Velenje


Architectural Guide in PDF format in Slovenian and English language:

Arhitekturni vodič: Velenje, sprehod skozi mesto moderne arhitekture (2013) (pdf, 110 Mb)

Architectural Guide: Velenje, a walk through a Town of Modernism (2013) (pdf, 60 Mb)

Velenje is a Town like no other in Slovenia. It was built in few years during 1950-1960 as concept for healthy living in new socialistic society. Not everyone in former State was pleased with idea but stuborn few made project come through. Top slovenian architects of that time were hired for the job and they figured out City in green as they were built around the globe at that time. In 2013, with help of EU project Atrium, we put together short book about most visible buildings from that time along with lots of interesting data about circumstances and people of that time. 


The Book was written and illustrated by architect Rok Poles and won prize for it's accesible design and presentation of material.

Winner of national Golden Cubes Award 2014, in the category institutions, Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia with partners.