Title: The Dragon's Castle trail around Velenje

Authors: Špela and Rok Poles
Translated by: Helena V. Byrne
Issued: Municipality Velenje as part of the project CUSTODES in cooperation with Berivka
Number of pages: 64
Format: A6
Binding: stitched, hardcover
Year of publication: 2011
ISBN: 978-961-91862-5-1

More information at Vila Bianca, Velenje



"The lake dragon (pozoj) is a mythological creature. It was believed that a dragon hatches from a red egg laid by a seven-year-old cock. The egg would sink into a subterranean lake in the mountain where the dragon grew, and it then pecked its way into the open through the mountain rock."

The Travel Guide

We will see and learn about five sights on the circular trail. These are five castles: Velenje Castle, the castle of Šalek, Ekenštajn and Turn, and the site of sunken Škale. With time to spare, other points of interest can be seen along the way (shown on the map at the beginning of the guide).

The trail can be covered on foot and, fort he most part, by bicycle. The trail starts and finishes at Villa Bianca, where you can pick up a card for collecting stamps. You will find these on the information boart at each sight. If you manage to see all five sights you can collect five stamps, bring the card with all stamps to Villa Bianca and get an award …



More information at Vila Bianca, Velenje

Winner of national Golden Cubes Award 2012, in the category institutions, Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia with partners.